Salvadoran girls take classes in a tree

Salvadoran girls taking classes on a tree
Salvadoran students are looking for different strategies to receive their classes virtually

463 million children were left without education due to COVID19

Nyajima in the classroom she used to be in when schools were open.
The figure was released by UNICEF recently, just when the world's schools still do not know how to face the reopening

The pandemic is leaving a legacy of sad and lonely children

Claudia Bolívar, psychologist from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá
Many children feel fearful and lonely because they have had to trade their school environments for their homes

The women in online learning space

Woman giving online classes
E-Learning has democratized education and provided tools for women for their personal growth

The Islamic scientist who made the world read

Rana Dajani reading stories to children
A Jordanian molecular scientist has socially empowered communities through reading with her "We Love Reading" foundation.

Who were the women behind man's arrival to the moon?

Astronaut standing on moon beside the USA flag.
On Monday, February 24, Katherine Johnson died at 101. She was part of the West Area Computers, a group of key mathematicians for NASA.

5 women in science that have changed the world

Portrait of Maria Skłodowska-Curie.
We didn´t want to let February pass by without celebrating these five women, whose findings and research have changed the world.

What makes women better leaders than men?

Business woman organizing post it.
Barack Obama said women are better than men, and these are the reasons why it is true.

How to recruit more women to your business?

Group of woman sitting around the table.
Even though many leaders are interested in being gender diverse, there are some things they are missing out on recruiting women. Here are five of them.

Arukay, what is it and why is it important?

Girl and teacher during a class using the computer.
This STEM teaching system made Ana Victoria Ricaurte, head of Arukay, the most dynamic and innovative entrepreneur in the region.

Want to achieve your goals? Create these 5 habits

Business woman working with her digital tablet.
We are getting closer to 2020 and many of you are probably creating your new year's eve resolutions. Here are some habits that will help you achieve them.

Why women select college majors with lower earnings potential

Two women talking.
The 'logics of major choice' is different for women and men.
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