The Current Business Trend Towards the Mental Well-Being of Its Employees

Woman in holidays
The giant sportswear brand, Nike, closed all of its offices worldwide for one week. Their objective was to promote the well-being and mental health of their employees, providing them additional time to rest.

Afghan Para-Athlete Claims That the Taliban Will Not Accept Women in Society

Nilofar Bayat, Afghan Para-athlete
After arriving in Bilbao on a military plane, Nilofar Bayat, a 28-year-old athlete, was interviewed about the Taliban taking over the country.

Mary Cain Creates a Professional Women's Running Team To Support Young Athletes

Mary cain
Mary Cain was one of the fastest women runners when she was only 17. She was also the youngest American track and field athlete to make a World Championship Team.

What Are the Reasons Teenage Girls Drop Out of Sports?

Girl practicing skateboarding
After winning a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games, Rayssa Leal (13 years old), claimed she never listened to those people who told her that skate wasn’t a sport for girls.

The Long Road for Gender Equality in the Olympics

German gymnast wearing unitard
Here we examine how female athletes live the Olympics differently than their male counterparts.

Being Overweight Will No Longer Be a Limitation for Cycling

Edgar Sarmiento and his bike's design
The use of the bicycle has become much more than a sport. Many people in the world dedicate themselves to this activity, and not exclusively as a sport. It is also part of their daily lives because they use it as an alternative means of transport.

Three Young Girls Become Stars at the Tokyo Olympics

Momiji Nishiya, Rayssa Leal and Funa Nakayama
Skateboarding debuted at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and three young girls became the newest stars. Momiji Nishiya, Rayssa Leal, and Funa Nakayama now make part of the youngest medalists in the history of the Olympics.

What Aspects Have Changed for Black Female Athletes?

Caster Semenya
Are the Olympics fighting or perpetuating the stereotypes and discrimination against black female athletes?

Remarkable Women in the World of Speed

Danica Patrick, Lella Lombardi and Susie Wolff
Many women have made and are making history in motor racing. Let's get to know who are the most important ones.

The Reason Behind Sha'Carri Richardson's Orange Hair at the Olympic Trials

Carri Richardson
Sha’Carri Richardson had a new look at the Olympic Trials. She had bright orange hair while winning in 10.86, 0.13 seconds faster than the second-place finisher, earning a place on her first Olympic team.

Transgender Athletes Who Are Changing Sports History

Tiffany Abreu, Mara Gomez and Fallon Fox
The visibility of many trans women and trans men leads us to think of all those people of non-binary genders who have excelled in many sports.

Pink Marketing and "Gaymers": Why Aren't There Gay Characters in Video Games?

Professional gamer plays a computer video game talking on headphones
Gay gamers are a demographic group that moves at a different pace and in a dystopian world of video games
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