Resilient businesswomen: Luz Marina Jaramillo, Pavimentos Colombia

Luz Marina Jaramillo, President of Pavimentos Colombia
Five days with the most resilient Colombian businesswomen in the face of the crisis

Hong Kong's youngest 15-year-old social entrepreneur

Bailey Cherry
At just 15 years old, Bailey Cherry founded Hong Kong's largest second-use bookstore in 2019.

Gender financial bonds to support women

Woman counting money
This is the female empowerment strategy supported by the financial sector amid the global crisis

The women in online learning space

Woman giving online classes
E-Learning has democratized education and provided tools for women for their personal growth

"See you in Court" environmentalists defend the Artic from Trump

Polar bears
The exploitation of Arctic nature reserves is among Donald Trump's plans

Video games will inspire 250 thousand users to take care of the planet

Still from the trailer for the video game 'Subway Surfers'
The alliance will implement strategies to protect the environment through video game technology

Women in leadership positions remain rare in Japan

Woman talking to another woman
New figures show the little involvement of women in working life

WOMEN GAME JAM 2020 is coming

Poster of the event 'Woman Game Jam'
The most famous development sleepover in Latin America, will be held simultaneously in an event convened by organizations from across the continent

The 5 TED Talks by women most recognized around the world

Sheryl Sandberg in her TED Talk
These five leaders from different countries will blow your mind with their inspirational talks that became viral.

Changing course, leading in a sustainable way

Cover of the book 'Leading Sustainably' by Trista Bridges and Donald Eubank
The book Leading Sustainably promotes the change towards sustainability of the world's companies

Countries with developed businesses reduce the female wage gap

Woman with banknotes in her hand
The World Bank and its allies analyze in a new report, the possibilities of economic growth for women

All about the first black female vice-president candidate

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
The election of the Democrat as vice presidential candidate in the presidential race of Joseph R. Biden is quite an event

The Artist Blessed by Diego Rivera's Spirit that Shows through her Paintings Tehuantepec History

Julin Contreras
This Tehuana artist has the steps of her father, a sculptor, and painter, which was close to Diego Rivera, one of the leading icons of Mexican Muralism.

Girls would be forced to marry against their will in Somalia

Girls in Africa
Somalia promotes child marriage in a new law that must be approved by the parliament.

'Our Streets Now', safe women in public spaces

Woman in a subway station
Comics shows the stark reality of public sexual harassment of young women who have decided to tell their unknown stories for the 'Our Streets Now' campaign.

Five women who are part of the perseverance Mars 2020 project

Katie Stack Morgan
NASA's Perseverance Mars 2020 Rover Mission heads to the red planet to search for signs of life

This Hollywood actress developed the technology of today's smartphones

Publicity photo of Hedy Lamarr for film Comrade X.
The most glamourous actress in the early days of Hollywood was also one of the most significant technological minds of the 20th century

Latin American women facing technological challenges, are we ready?

Woman using a laptop
How are we going to face them in the workplace?

In Peru more than 2,400 women have disappeared in 2020

People walking through the streets of Lima, Peru
Disappearances and deaths during 2020 and an increase in violence against women during confinement mark the Peruvian reality

Eufrosina Cruz: The Indigenous Activist that Fights for Mexican Women Rights

Euphrosine Cruz Mendoza
The indigenous activist who fights against machismo improved the lives of the women in her village and achieved a reform in her country's Constitution.

The Cyberwomen of America challenge returns

Two women working with a computer.
It's the third edition of an event for women of the fourth industrial revolution
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